21. TCG PP S4 issue


TCG physical presence will record TCG PP flag (if user confirmation is required) to a variable (TCG2_PHYSICAL_PRESENCE_FLAGS_VARIABLE/gEfiTcg2PhysicalPresenceGuid). This variable is locked by EDKII_VARIABLE_LOCK_PROTOCOL.
In S4 resume path, the code Tcg2PhysicalPresenceLibProcessRequest finds it is S4 resume and return immediately. It does not call EDKII_VARIABLE_LOCK_PROTOCOL to lock the variable (TCG2_PHYSICAL_PRESENCE_FLAGS_VARIABLE/ gEfiTcg2PhysicalPresenceGuid).


We need update Tcg2PhysicalPresenceLibProcessRequest to move S4 check AFTER variable lock.
This is addressed by EDK2 GIT 7b9b576c71c71ed134f50497fd58f862109dd80b.


Reported by Coleman, Rusty Rusty.Coleman@intel.com.


• USRT M1615